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What if Adam and Eve Had Made a Different Decision? How to Outsmart the Serpent in Life and Work

Updated: Jul 11

Decision Making Apple

The Old Testament story of Adam and Eve has been passed down through generations, shaping our understanding of the consequences of our decisions.

But have you ever paused to consider an alternative scenario? What if Eve (and Adam) had a change of heart? What if they outsmarted the serpent? This thought experiment isn't just an intriguing twist.

It's a powerful metaphor that invites us to delve deeper into the fascinating world of decision-making.

Since the dawn of humankind, we've grappled with three fundamental questions about our ability to make choices. How do we make decisions? Why do some of us seem to have a knack for making the right decision at the right time? And why do others among us seem to consistently miss the mark?

These questions aren't just philosophical musings; they're inquiries that have profound implications for our personal/professional lives and the people we care about.

In our quest to understand and improve our decision-making skills, we've developed a concept that has resonated with people around the world. We call it "Me-Time."

Beautiful Sunset

This concept offers a counter-intuitive approach to decision-making. Instead of immediately seeking advice and discussing the decision with everyone around us (yes, even the dog!), "Me-Time" encourages us to pause, reflect and think for ourselves first. "Me-Time" is about outsmarting the controlling voices, the people who try to influence our decisions before we've had a chance to form our own opinions. It's about taking control of our decision-making process, just like how we imagine Adam and Eve could have outsmarted the serpent. By taking a step back and giving ourselves the space to think, we can make decisions that are more aligned with our values, purpose, and personal circumstances. Looking back on my own life, I've realized that the choices I regret the most are those I made under the influence of others. These decisions, made in the heat of the moment or under pressure, often led to outcomes that didn't serve my best interests. On the other hand, the decisions I value the most are those I made independently. There's something incredibly empowering about standing by a decision that was entirely your own, a decision made after careful thought and consideration. So, the next time you're faced with a decision, big or small, remember the story of Adam, Eve, and the Forbidden Fruit. Remember the power of "Me-Time" and the importance of independent decision-making. Take a moment to step back from the noise and pressure of external influences. Reflect on your values, consider your options, and make a decision that you can stand by with confidence. After all, the power to make great decisions lies within you. It's not about never making mistakes; it's about learning from our missteps and continuously striving to make better choices. It's about outsmarting the metaphorical serpents in our lives and taking control of our decisions. So, let's embark on this journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Let's take control of our decisions and, in doing so, take control of our lives. Let's Get Moving!

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