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Decision-Making Done

Revolutionize The Way You Make Your Decisions.

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What is Decision-Making Done?

The world’s most applicable and easy-to-implement framework
for making impactful decisions consistently. 

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The World Leader in Decision-Making

We Get It.
Some Decisions Are Complicated.

McKinsey Quarterly surveyed 2,207 executives, and 60 percent thought that bad decisions were about as frequent as good ones.

Moreover, only 28 percent estimated the quality of strategic decisions in their companies as generally good, which inevitably leads to the efficiency loss, income reduction, and inability to achieve higher market positions. 

Yet today, with extreme competition in almost every field, making great decisions is more important than ever, and that’s why this issue can’t be simply ignored.​

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The ultimate skill to make excellent decisions consistently that you can stand by with confidence.


Time, money, and resources. Who can afford the cost of undoing a bad choice or indecision?


Creativity, Originality, Critical Thinking, Engagement, and Successful Outcomes.

Why Decision-Making Done

Because in the competitive landscape of your business and career, every move counts. 

Get the new breakthrough winning formula for making successful decisions right from the get-go.

We train and coach Individuals, Teams, 
Leaders and Entrepreneurs in multiple formats and languages.

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Our M.O.V.E. framework revolutionizes how decisions get made.

Simply put, the M.O.V.E.© Framework is the brainchild of Stephan Mardyks as outlined in his No. 1 bestselling book, “Decision-Making Done.”

In it, Stephan explains in detail his four-part Mute, Organize, Validate, and Execute framework for becoming a better decision-maker in a refreshingly engaging manner.

The approach injects a sense of fun and excitement while learning to hone these valuable skills within a simple, streamlined process.

Decison-Making Done M.O.V.E.© Framework

Develop the skills and confidence to make excellent decisions faster with our M.O.V.E.© Framework

Here is how your organization can benefit from having a systematized decision-making process with this easy-to-implement framework
  • Improved Effectiveness and Efficiency

  • Increased Speed, Agility, and Engagement

  • Built Trust, Transparency, and Clarity

  • Enhanced Empowerment and Inclusion

  • Accelerated Teaming and Collaboration

  • Managed and Mitigated Risk

  • Fostered Consistency and Alignment

M.O.V.E.© Framework of Decision-Making Done

With M.O.V.E.©, you Start Doing everything in your power and control to make the best decisions possible

Quickly. Confidently. Consistently. You will be mastering the top job skills of today and tomorrow to be better equipped to make great decisions and achieve great results.

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  • Decision-Making

  • Forward Thinking

  • Critical Thinking

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Intellectual Curiosity

  • Good Judgment

  • Problem Solving

  • Long-Term Planning

Keynotes, Training, and Coaching In Multiple Formats

Option 1 
Decision-Making Done
For Individuals

In addition to teaching the M.O.V.E Framework, Decision-Making Done for Individuals provides the ultimate skill set, empowering individuals to consistently make excellent decisions they can confidently stand by in any context or circumstance.


The M.O.V.E Framework serves as a trusted guide, ensuring that every decision made aligns with the highest standards of excellence, enabling individuals to navigate complex choices, foster clarity, and accelerate personal growth and success.

Virtual Course
Option 2 
Decision-Making Done
For Teams

In addition to teaching the M.O.V.E Framework, Decision-Making Done for Teams offers a dynamic toolkit tailored to enhance inclusivity in Decision-Making. T


his empowers every team member to voice their opinions, express themselves freely, and actively contribute. Consequently, it fosters increased engagement, alignment, trust, clarity and accelerates the speed of execution.

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Option 3 
Decision-Making Done
For Leaders

In addition to teaching the M.O.V.E Framework, Decision-Making Done for Leaders equips them with indispensable tools for actively engaging their teams in the Decision-Making process.

Furthermore, it provides guidance to mentor each team member to consistently make excellent decisions that they can confidently stand by. Becoming a Decision-Making Advisor represents the pinnacle of leadership skills, setting exceptional leaders apart from the rest.

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We provide coaching to Leaders, Teams and Team Members to make better decisions with the M.O.V.E.© Framework.

Decision-Making Done Book
by Stephan Mardyks


Our decisions can change our lives in an instant. Personally and Professionally. 

Get the M.O.V.E. Framework and consistently make great choices you can confidently stand by. 

Looking for the perfect gift for the people you care about?

This Personal Guidebook offers practical insights that can be easily implemented, making it an ideal choice.

Contact Us for Bulk Orders.

Decision-Making Done book by Stephan Mardyks
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Today, who can afford the cost of a bad choice or indecision?

What’s the best way to make decisions with four different generations working together? How can we be more inclusive in our decision-making process to get team members more engaged, agile, and aligned? 

When it comes to decision-making, our mission is to help everyone go to bed smarter than when they woke up, so get in touch with us to discuss all your options!

Alternatively, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.

Find out more or request a group or individual booking.

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