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Woman Thinking - About Relateucation.


At the Heart of Business Success is Strong Relationships, and That’s Exactly What We Focus On - PEOPLE.

For over 15 years, BFSD Global Pty Ltd (BluePrint Foundation for Success Development) has been focused on Building Better Relationships whether it was under our RTO qualifications or short skills programs.


In 2011 we gained copyright of Relate-U-cation® to highlight our focus on relationships and learning, and so the journey of BluePrint - the Relate-U-cation company began, delivering education and knowledge training to enhance relationships and group synergy.


As we became known more as the Relate-U-cation® company, so we changed our marketing material to reflect our core strategy.

BFSD Global and RelateUcation Logos

We have worked with prestigious clients both locally and globally across a diverse range of industries such as automotive, banking, defence, education, FMCG, government, IT, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical, retail, sport and transport.

We work in partnership with renowned global gurus, industry giants, and experts in their field to offer world acclaimed evidence based, current and relevant skills programs to all industries and organisations of all sizes to improve business relationships and culture.


Our assessment partners are lauded Psychologists and are recognised internationally; as are their clients, amongst which are the UK & USA Government as well as widely famous household names.


Together, we assess, consult, and offer training and skills development - and together our overall focus is always on people - the key to culture change and the key to Business Success - that is - the relationships between people.

We help you build relationships at all levels by focusing on our Four Pillars which support our blueprint to Discover, Develop, and Retain.

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