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  • Writer's pictureValerie Lew-Kiedrowski

Bad Decisions made by Organisational Leaders, can have a Downward Ripple Effect

Impacting Employment, Services and Overall Economic Well-Being.

Right Decision, Wrong Decision

Last year we witnessed the reporting and the results of bad decisions made by many well-known companies. Qantas is a good example, losing brand reputation, revenue and market share. Or AMP, as they faced a shareholder revolt, a class action lawsuit, and a share price plunge of more than 70% amid scandals of sexual harassment, boardroom turmoil, and poor financial performance.  Across the ditch In NZ, Elbert Construction went into receivership leaving hundreds of employees, subcontractors and suppliers unpaid, several projects unfinished and all because they failed to prepare for future business after taking on too much risk and operating wafer-thin margins.


These failures and many more, cannot be put down to one person’s bad decision-making, these were organisational bad decisions. Yet the intent of these companies was never to fail or face such negative consequences.


So why is this consistently occurring?   “Unless a systematic framework is used in decision-making, potential risks are minimised and at worse negated” says Valerie Lew-Kiedrowski, Director and Founder of Relate-U-cation, a national training organisation and sole provider of Decision-Making Done, the World Leader in Decision Making.


“Without a systematic framework, outcomes can be decidedly worse than any positive expectation, and the financial impact of bad organisational decisions can ripple through various sectors including employment, services and overall economic well-being.  This cannot be under-estimated; every move counts in the competitive landscape of business and/or career”, adds Lew-Kiedrowski.


"We're seeing a growing demand for decision-making skills in today's fast-paced, complex, and rapidly changing world," says Lew-Kiedrowski.  Decision-Making Done  helps professionals at all levels and across all industries develop their decision-making abilities and become more effective leaders”.

Upcoming Virtual Focused Course:


15 March 2024, 11am- 2.30pm AEDT(3.5 hrs)

Decision Making Done is an exciting and fun step-by-step course (3.5 hours). This is a focused program, adapted from our normal 1-day program.

The course focuses on internal and external factors that obstruct our decision-making capabilities and provides solutions and strategies for identifying and avoiding the pitfalls that hold us back.


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